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Durindfire by Ronin Sabers

This is my interpretation of Corran Horn's lightsaber sounds. Durindfire is one of the many crystals that Corran Horn used in the book 'I, Jedi' by Michael A. Stackpole.
A Durindfire gem was key in adding a distinctive silver sheen to any lightsaber blade. This stone was traditionally used by the Jedi of the Halcyon family.
This font will come with both the Proffie and CFX version, updates will be free after purchasing the soundfont.

This font will include:
8 Blaster Effects,
1 Boot,
1 Font,
12 Clashes,
1 Force Effect,
3 Hums,
1 Lockup,
1 Drag,
1 Poweroffs,
7 Powerons,
4 SmoothSwing Pairs,
10 Accent Swings,
1 Stab,
1 Bgndrags,
1 Bgnlocks,
1 Bgnlb,
1 Enddrags,
5 Endlocks,
1 Endlb,
1 Endmelt,
2 Color,
1 blstbgn,
1 blstend,

comes with the original smoothswings and hums

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One of the many Corran Horn saber fonts out there there. It’s pretty good.

Really like this soundfont and I like Corran Horn. Love all Ronin’s fonts, definitely want to get a commission from him when I save up enough money

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