Mando Jedi Smoothswing Font


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Mando Jedi By RoninSabers
This font is a Unique take on a classic Jedi saber and the Iconic Darksaber.
A Mandalorian who's lost his home and becomes a Jedi. A sad but stoic tale.

This font will include:
Both CFX and Proffie versions
Proffie Version does come with blade style (Blue Darksword style with White swing)

8 Blaster Effects,
1 Boot,
1 Font,
24 Clashes,
3 Force Effect,
1 Hums,
1 Lockup,
1 Drag,
4 Poweroffs,
4 Powerons,
4 SmoothSwing Pairs,
12 Accent Swings,
1 Stab,
1 Bgndrags,
1 Bgnlocks,
1 Bgnlb,
1 Enddrags,
5 Endlocks,
1 Endlb,
1 Endmelt,
2 Color,
4 blstbgn,
2 blstend,

3 tracks

Reviews (4)


Can't wait to add it to my saber.

Really great font, sounds really cool and I love how it sounds like the darksaber/lightsaber sound.

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