TPM Apprentice: Smoothswing Font


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TPM Apprentice By RoninSabers
This font is my interpretation of Obi Wan's Saber sounds heard in Phantom Menace.
This font has tons of extra unique sounds, including a droideka Multi-blast bgn (for Proffie),

A review of this font can be found on my Youtube Channel.

This font will include:
Both CFX and Proffie versions

4 Blaster Effects,
4 Boot,
2 Font,
40+ Quotes,
20 Clashes,
1 Force Effect,
1 Hums,
1 Lockup,
1 Drag,
4 Poweroffs,
5 Powerons,
2 SmoothSwing Pairs,
16 Accent Swings,
1 Stab,
1 Bgndrags,
1 Bgnlocks,
1 Bgnlb,
1 Enddrags,
5 Endlocks,
1 Endlb,
1 Endmelt,
2 Color,
5 blstbgn,
3 blstend,
3 tracks
25 extra sounds

*Proffie version does come with custom Medium Blue Blades style*

Reviews (2)


Great soundfont, Obi Wan is one of my favorite Jedi and it sounds really good on my saber

Awesome font. Thanks Tony

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