The Malone: 3D printable helmet inspired by ESB


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The Malone Helmet
This Helmet is based off of The Lee Malone Helmet

For anyone not familiar with the Malone Fett casting here is a super quick background:

Post ANH and pre ESB (1979 I believe), one of the original ESB production made Fett helmets (the PP2 helmet) was lent to Don Post Studios for a reference to aid in the creation of their Star Wars helmets line.
This original helmet was molded by an employee at Don Post.
That employee created a casting from said mold and kept it for many years.
Decades later, that casting was acquired by Lee Malone. Lee then made a new mold off that casting and made a few available to a couple of trusted friends.
The helmet in this auction is one of those rare castings.
Years ago Lee Malone owned a forum called the Motion Picture Prop Company - some of you were members there. From what I hear, there was a lot of good stuff on there that has been lost with time.

The Malone helmet is my Recreation of the Lee Malone helmet as accurate as I can make it.
You are purchasing just the STL file for the helmet. There is no physical helmet here.

Files included:
Full Malone Helmet
Helmet base
Upper ear (Right)
Lower ear (Right)
Left Ear (whole)

Once you own these files you are welcome to print, cast, and sell physical versions of the model. I would ask that you DO NOT resell my original 3D files.

Any questions at all please don't hesitate to drop me a message.

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