Kaizen Saber DarkSai v2 (Proffie Installed)

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Proffie Installed DarkSai V2
A very unique Rendition of the dark sword we all know and love.
This one normally takes several weeks to receive once ordered.
This was originally in my collection for display.

Fonts on this saber tell the full story of the Dark Saber:
Darkv1 (Pre Visla) by Kyberphonic
Darkv2 (maul) by Kyberphonic
Darkv3 (sabine) by Kyberphonic
Darkv3 (Moff Gideon) by Kyberphonic
Darkv3 (Beskar) by Kyberphonic
Darkv3 (mando) by Kyberphonic
Mando Jedi By RoninSabers
Sorcerer by Kyberphonic
Party Blade (Rainbow flame Blade with a passive battery Monitor)

The Darksai V2 Standard install includes:

- hilt fully installed with sound (NO CRYSTAL CHAMBER)

- hilt powder coated in matte trans black chrome

- Proffie Installed

- choice between rounded or rectangular handguard

- 15A hi discharge 18650 battery

- pixel install

- necessary screws

- blade plug (uninstalled, if you want it to light up in your pixel saber, add the neoplug install item to your order)

- hex wrench

- artwork and sticker pack

Hilt Dimensions:

total length from high side of emitter to bottom of pommel 13.6"

handle length from high side to bottom of handle 9.75"

blade socket depth with tcss neo connector 2.08" (high side), 1.55" (short side)

No blade is included in this purchase. Both TheSaberTrade and Ripper Blades are offering Darksaber pixel blades. Check out their facebook pages for more info. All Darksai V2 purchases will receive a coupon code for 10% off a Ripper Blade pixel blade.

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Fast shipping and well packaged. Thank you!

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