The Sins of The Father: Smoothswing Soundfont


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The Sins of The Father

This is My interpretation of Luke's Saber during his time in The Dark Empire Comics. During that Time Luke has turned to the Dark Side to follow in his father's footsteps. This font has several quotes for Luke and Emperor which Bring that comic book to life. This font will be perfect for any Luke Skywalker fan or any EU fan. This purchase does include Xenopixel, CFX and Proffie versions.

This font will include:
6 Blaster Effects,
6 Boot,
2 Font,
12 Clashes,
2 Force Effects,
1 Hum,
1 Lockup,
1 Drag,
3 Poweroffs,
4 Powerons,
3 SmoothSwing Pairs,
6 Accent Swings,
1 Stab,
1 Bgndrags,
2 Bgnlocks,
1 Bgnlb,
1 Enddrags,
1 Endlocks,
1 Endlb,
1 Endmelt,
2 Color,
2 blstbgn,
1 blstend,
6 tracks
70+ Dark Empire quotes/Extras (also will include a Proffie Blade style designed for the font)

Reviews (5)


Seriously this is an amazing font. I cannot for the life of me understand why other font makers don’t do more stuff from Legends. I’ve got a Luke ANH by Master Replicas that had converted to Proffie. So this font is perfect for it. Thank you for creating this unbelievable font and I hope you continue to make more in the future.

This is a GREAT sound font. The amount of work he put into this to mimic the comics with quotes and all is absolutely crazy! I'm a big fan of those EU comics as I read them as I was growing up and this sound font nails it!

This is a great addition to any Luke fan’s lightsaber. Because there are palpatine and Luke quotes I do wish there were more than one font, as it’s sort of a combination of the two, but it works. The quotes are what really shine and I’ve added this my RoTJ hilt

Sounds absolutely phenomenal on my saber

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