The Lone Twin: Smoothswing Soundfont


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The Lone Twin

This is My interpretation of Arcann's saber from SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire. During that Time Arcann went from his father's servant to Emperor of Zakuul. This font has several quotes for Arrcann which help tells his story. This purchase does include Xenopixel, CFX and Proffie versions. Demo of this font can be seen on my channel Ronin Sabers.

This font will include:
5 Blaster Effects,
4 Boot,
2 Font,
12 Clashes,
1 Force Effects,
1 Hum,
1 Lockup,
1 Drag,
4 Poweroffs,
4 Powerons,
1 SmoothSwing Pairs,
16 Accent Swings,
1 Stab,
1 Bgndrags,
1 Bgnlocks,
1 Bgnlb,
1 Enddrags,
3 Endlocks,
1 Endlb,
1 Endmelt,
2 Color,
2 blstbgn,
1 blstend,
4 tracks
96 quotes/Extras (also will include a Proffie Blade style designed for the font)

Reviews (3)


It’s a good font to get.

Excellent soundfont! Can't wait to put it on my Proffie board.

Great quality Soundfont, sounds very crispy for a Yellow Font, Maybe create a “Yellow Font Of Battle” in the future?

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