Proffie Installed Saberbay "GeonObi"

Sorry, this item has sold.

This is Saberbay's interpretation of Obi Wan's Saber during the first battle of Geonosis. This is the saber provided for him during the battle.
This saber accepts a 1" blade. Will also come with a display emitter and blade plug.

Parts lInstallled:
-Proffie v2.2 soundboard (proffieOS 7.12)
-NPXL shortpin hiltside connector (ECO pcb)
-Two 6x6x4.3 tactile switches(INCLUDED)
-removable 18650 battery system(Battery not included)
-high amp killswitch
-28mm bass speaker (S.O. Dark Speaker)

Fonts will include:
Kyberphonic's Ob2 (Clan version)
Kyberphonics Tusken Terminator (Clan version)
Kyberphonic's Little Green Friend v2 (episode 2 version)

(this will also include my basic install fonts)

Battle by Kyberphonic (Blue)
Battle2 by Kyberphonic (Red)
Green (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Purple (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Yellow (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
White (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Assassin by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Seethe by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Exalted by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Party Blade (rainbow fire with a passive battery monitor)

*Blade and battery not included*
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