Proffie Installed KR OWK2

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Saber is Installed with:
Shtok v3 NPXL
Two buttons
Proffieboard v2.2 (ProffieOS7.12)
Eco Goth-3D Chassis
Removable Battery System (battery not included)
S.O 28mm Speaker

Fonts include:
OB1 by Kyberphonic (Medium Blue)
OB2(Kamino version) by Kyberphonic (Medium Blue)
OB2(Geonosis version) by Kyberphonic (Medium Blue)
BoldOne by Ksith (blue)
BFOB (Obi TCW version) by RoninSabers (Medium Blue)
OB4 (Cantina version) by Kyberphonic ( Medium Blue)
OB4 (deathStar Version) by Kyberphonic (Medium Blue)
Battle by Kyberphonic (Blue)
Battle2 by Kyberphonic (Red)
Green (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Purple (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Yellow (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
White (Savi's Workshop) by Kyberphonic
Assassin by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Seethe by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Exalted by GreyscaleFonts (custom blade style)
Party Blade (rainbow fire with a passive battery monitor)

*does not come with blade or battery. Upon Purchase I will a link to the battery, Blade and charger I recommend.*

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The quality definitely goes to the build but the electrics require a lot of maintenance

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