Proffie Installed Spsabers High Ground


Proffie Installed SPsabers "The High Ground"
This saber is configurated in Revenge of the Sith (MR Neck) Style.

Saber will include:
-High End Collectors Box.
-Saber Stand
-Hilt kit assembled
-Installed RoninSabers chassis

Installed with the following:
2x Shtok v3 Pcb
1x KR Hilt Side Pcb
Removable Battery tabs
2x switches
S.O. 28mm Speaker
Proffie v2.2 (ProffieOS 7.14)

Fonts include:
BFOB (Obi wan TCW version) By RoninSabers
BoldOne By Ksith
Ben by Kyberphonic
OB4 (Cantina version) by Kyberphonic
OB4 (Death Star version) by Kyberphonic
Party Blade (passive battery monitor)

*Saber does not include Battery or Blade*

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